Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies (JSSS)

The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.-- Carl Jung


Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies

Annual General Meeting – conducted On-line

August XX 2015 to August 23rd 2015


Susan Rowland, Alexandra Fidyk, Andrea Gaspar, Elizabeth Nelson, Hessen Zoeller, Park,Hyoin, Inez Martinez, Lisa A. Pounders, Luke Hockley, Marie-Madeleine, A. Stey, Matthew Fike, Peter Dunlap, Rinda West, Robert Mitchell, Robin Barre Sally Porterfield, Sukey Fontelieu, Petra Otero and Susan Wyatt


1) Vote of Thanks to Outgoing President and Vice President
2) Electing Guest Editor of the Society’s Journal
3) 2016 conference
4) Report of Finances
5) Student Representative and Members at Large
6) Nomination and Appointment of President and Vice-President
7) Any other business

1) A big and heartfelt as well as formal ‘Thank You’ is recorded to outgoing President, Alexandra Fidyk for her magnificent work in keeping JSSS going in tricky circumstances. To outgoing Vice President, Inez Martinez as no less heartfelt thanks are given for her enduring support and commitment to the health and vitality of JSSS.

2) Peter Dunlap nominated as Guest Editor of the Society’s e-journal
for 2016 by Elizabeth Nelson, Seconded by Susan Wyatt

3) A brief report re the 2016 conference, Earth/Psyche: Foregrounding the Earth’s Relations to Psyche. Inez has already received a submission for the conference and inquiries about it. It seems that JSSS members at the Yale conference stirred quite a bit of interest. The call for proposals and site information are now available on our website, www.jungiansociety.org

The organizing committee consists of myself, Susan Wyatt, Alexandra Fidyk, Susan Rowland, Rinda West, Elizabeth Nelson, Luke Hockley, and Robert Mitchell.

So far: Inez has a signed agreement from La Fonda Hotel in Santa Fe; Susan Rowland is organizing student support; Aaron Mason, a student, is exploring the possibility of a gallery having an exhibit related to the theme of Earth/Psyche; Susan Wyatt has contacted Jungian organizations in Santa Fe. Robert has sent the call for proposals to the membership and to Jungian organizations.

Proposals are due by December 15th, 2015.
The call will be send out again in October as Susan suggests. Proposals and communications re the conference should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Looking forward to receiving your proposals! Inez

4) Report on Finances:

There is $11,586.24 in the JSSS banking account.

Expenses for the last twelve months are as follows:

Journal: $1420
Conference preparation: $260.95
Legal and financial fees: $254.47
Advice on whether we can have two bank accts: $200
Annual registration of JSSS as a nonprofit organization
in Rhode Island: $45
Reorder checks $9.47
Website: $260.29

Total expenses: $2480.81.

Income from memberships: $808.55

Please note that most of the odd numbers have to do with membership come from Paypal's commission.

The final reckoning from the recent JSSS conference held in Edmonton at the University of Alberta will be available shortly – still waiting on the University to provide final financial information.

5) Student representatives: Andrea Gaspar, Petra Otero, Lisa Pounders, Hessen Zoeller

New Members at large: Robin Barre and Sukey Fontelieu

6) Executive Board Nominations: The following were nominated and appointed unopposed to the Executive JSSS Board

President – Susan Rowland
Past President – Alexandra Fidyk, Sally Porterfield
Vice President – Sue Wyatt
Secretary – Luke Hockley
Treasurer – Rinda West
Membership – Robert Mitchell
Public Relations – Alexandra Fidyk

Members at large continuing:
Matthew Fike
Elizabeth Nelson
Marie-Madeleine Stey
Peter Dunlop
Hyoin Park

7) AOB – none.

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