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The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.-- Carl Jung


Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies


Meeting of the General Membership 2016 – without quorum



Minutes on Thursday 30th June 9-11am Stitha Room, La Fonda Hotel, Santa Fe


1) Treasurer’s Report.

2) JSSS online Journal: a) Update Vol 11.1 - 2016. b) Vol 12.1 - 2017 edition and Editorship of the JSSS Journal.

3) Matters Arising from 2016 conference.

4) 2017 conference: ideas and proposals for themes, venues, Site Co-ordinator; Program Chair.

5) AOB.





Julia Roh de-Brourn

Susan Courtney

Peter Dunlap

Alexandra Fidyk (Marketing)

Matthew Fike

Andrea Gaspar Gonzalez

Michael Glock

Raymond Hillis

Luke Hockley (Secretary)

Joyce Kavanagh

Jean Lall

Marie-Madeline Stey

Ling Mailing

Linda Marshall

Inez Martinez

Robert Mitchell (Membership Secretary)

Elizabeth Nelson

Sarah Norton

Petra Otero

Rebecca Peterson

Lisa Pounders

Susan Rowland (President)

Vicky Jo Varner

Rinda West (Treasurer)

Sue Wyatt (Vice-President)

Themis Dela Pena Wing

Taylor Zimmerman




None received.





1) Treasurer’s Report.


Rinda West provided an oral Treasure’s report. June 24, 2016


Balance as of last report (8/17/2015): is $11,586.24.



Income: Memberships: $924.18


Conference fees:

Via Paypal $1549.79

Via Check: $27,589.00



Conference: preliminary payment

To LaFonda $20,000


Bank charges (mostly

Wire transfer fees & foreign currency

Conversions: $116.01

Check order $8.00


Legal: $65.00


Current Balance: $20,732



Discussion followed: There is a further $7000 fees (approximately) due from La Fonda.


2) JSSS online Journal: a) Update Vol. 11.1 - 2016. b) Vol. 12.1 - 2017 edition and Editorship of the JSSS Journal.


Peter Dunlap as guest editor for the Journal reported the current edition 11.1 would be published in the next 2-4 weeks. He explained that a greater number of student submissions had been received than in previous years and that new ways of dealing with this welcome development are needed. Inez Martinez reported that among other developments a greater range of peer reviewers was required. Luke Hockley offered the services of the peer reviewers for the International Journal of Jungian Studies.

Inez Martinez is to continue as Editor of the JSSS Journal and Peter Dunlap as Guest Editor, subject to the appropriate editorial resources in the form of Editorial Volunteers being provided.

Alexandra Fidyk, spoke to the previous JSSS publication Conversations in the Field. There was considerable support for developing that publication, again subject to further editorial support being provided.



3) Matters Arising from 2016 conference.


The success of the conference was noted and a vote of thanks was given to Inez Martinez-in particular she was congratulated on the successful composition of the individual panels. There were around 100 proposals. After peer review around 90 were accepted, with around 70 presenters at the conference itself.


The discussion between members ranged over the following topics:


a) The tradition of JSSS has been to avoid concurrent sessions conference. It was noted that this year there had been a particularly large number of presenters to schedule resulting in more concurrent sessions that normal;

b) There needed to be a little more time between sessions, for reflection, movement and generally easing the process;

c) The larger panels of five presenters were typically deemed to be less successful than smaller panels;

d) The desirability or otherwise of rooms with windows was discussed;

e) There was a discussion about the Roundtable format which worked well with the opportunity for detailed discussion of ideas and research work-it was noted that a larger room, with better separation between the tables would be helpful. Conference delegates would have appreciated further information about how the format operates;

f) The loss of the end of conference discussion with the plenary presenters was noted as was the desirability of capturing the emerging themes, ideas and insights that emerged from the conference;

g) The desirability of somatic activities and its relative paucity at this year’s conference was noted.



4) 2017 conference: ideas and proposals for themes, venues, Site Coordinator; Program Chair:


There was a discussion about the desirability of a conference for next year. The location of East Coast USA (e.g. South or North Carolina [Ashville and Charlotte]; Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Washington DC), at the end of June 2017 was suggested. There was some discussion about the desirability of holding a future conference in Mexico.

The support of IAJS to JSSS was noted, welcomed and thanked, as was the collegiate nature of the two organisations. The relationship between the two organisations was discussed, and the richness and difference between the two bodies and their conferences, as well as their general ethos was comment on.

The possibility of having both an organising committee and a conference committee was explored.

The following theme for the next conference was discussed: Complexity, Action and Creativity. A range of other themes was also explored, including Creative Action and Transformation. The importance of foci on research paradigms and social responses was noted as was the importance of diversity. The desirability of enfolding current social and political issues into discussion spaces during the conference was explored. The World Café format was discussed.


5) AOB.


The plan for an independent conference to be held in December 2017, London UK organised by Leslie Gardner (London, UK) on Feminism and Jung was presented.

The role of technology in the dissemination of conference activities was explored.


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